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E' giusto navigare con la speranza e con il coraggio, ma è ancora meglio navigare con la conoscenza.​

Passion and courage are not enough to navigate the sea and master your winds, your knowledge and competence are essential.

e-Venti offers a fully comprehensive range of yacht sailing courses, designed to cater to every level of ability and previous experience.

eVenti periodically organizes crew offshore racing preparation courses, which are preliminary to participating in the most prestigious competitions. With the help of our expert sailors, you will discover what your role on board is and in a short time, you will be ready to experience the adrenaline of the busiest starts, the crossings, and the most exciting buoy turns.

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Our Navigation Courses are the ultimate aim of aspiring skippers of all ages, driven by a passion for the sea and a minimum of experience. Students will acquire the skills to autonomously manage navigation along the coast and on the high seas, on board boats up to 24 meters in length.

The duration and the content of each course is variable and personalised according to      the needs of each future commander: 

  • Boat preparation guidelines and checks prior to departure.
  • Sailing manoeuvres.
  • Knots, Rigging & Sails.
  • Understanding boating right of way rules; Estimated and analysis of instrumental navigation; Cabotage and offshore navigation.
  • Boat Anchoring Tips and Techniques: Hook, Plough, Fluke, Claw and Scoop and managing inconveniences.
  • Manoeuvring in Shallow and Confined Water; Ship Mooring Techniques.
  • Navigation in heavy weather and recommended actions.
  • Night Navigation: stern-light, flashlight lantern, anchor light, starboard light.
  • Leadership and Crew resource management.
  • Marine Weather Forecasts, Weather Avoidance and Emergency procedures.

Make both the journey to become a sailor and the destination an adventure in the good company of like-minded people who share the same desire to learn.

It is aimed at those who want to deepen their navigation techniques in complete safety and guided by highly experienced skippers, without giving up moments of relaxation and pure fun.

Students will immerse themselves in our favorite element aboard our comfortable boats 24 hours a day.

They will learn how to plan the cruise, know the gatherings on board, read the weather forecast, independently manage offshore navigation and unforeseen events.

Anchoring techniques, manoeuvres in confined waters and mooring will be studied in depth, learning how to take hold of a boat and its crew.

e-Venti offers introductory and preparation courses for offshore sailing and racing, taught by FIV instructors, who train students to participate in the main scheduled competitions aboard our boats.

Sailing courses for young people, aged 14 to 18, will soon be available.

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